Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i'm still happy with my tea

7 am 
Our last breakfast together.
not very different from our other breakfasts together. 

we've perfected the ritual 
a glass of water 
followed by 
your peanut butter sandwich 
and my plate of rice with scrambled egg 

a story about your work 
a joke about a friend 
my insight of a movie i just watched 
and not so interesting problem i always stumble upon 

after that 
you still drink your dark coffee 
and i still happy with my tea.

why did we make this ritual when right from the start we know this can't be forever?
ah, sometimes we pretend that we have control in our life
ah, sometimes we try to forget that time moves on 
and we are just little dust swept aside by it's movement 

hope, life treats you kind, dear 
hope, life will be a bit nice to me too

this is not goodbye (i know)  
but a chance to say thank you and nice knowing you 

while listening to Matchbox Twenty "If You're Gone"  
"I think I've already lost you/I think you're already gone/ I think I'm finally scared now"

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