Thursday, October 16, 2008

thanks, i needed that!

girl with a squeky voice : "omg, he's such an a**hole! why i'm attracted to him is beyond me
he always think about himself... yadayadayadayada.... the day i talk to him is when hell freezes over!"

boy being ranted: "honey, lets have lunch"

girl with a squeky voice that suddenly shimmers down : "oo.... hey you... been thinking 'bout you.... yes, love to..."

me with one eyebrow lifted: "this is why there's that little thing called love"

then hell freezes over!

me with a cynical voice : thanks, i needed that!

- i dont think this is original.. i think i picked up these lines somewhere, somehow.....-

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Ajeng Dee said...

hahahahaha.... damned!!!